Honoring the legacy of those lost on December 14


Newtown - Church steeple Picture

Building Newtowns (formerly Healing 4 Newtown) is a local, community driven, long term sustainable approach to rebuilding the Newtown community spirit, and the emotional management skill of all those who were impacted by the events of December 14, 2012. We will provide training in leadership skills, communication, emotional and mental health and wellness strategies.  

We will provide the best in person and online resources to help each other recover.  We will  do so by identifying and documenting best practices from other communities and individuals that have experienced tragedies and still managed to recover and find a higher purpose to better honor our fallen angels.  These skills and strategies must be easily teachable, proven effective and long lasting.

Our immediate intention is to ultimately create a new, more compelling vision of the future for the Newtown, CT community.  Our longer term outcome is to teach it forward to other communities facing challenges from tragic events.  While we have many obstacles and challenges in front of us, there is no limit to the human spirit or imagination.

“The river runs around the rocks.”

~ Lawrence Hickey

Philanthropist and Former Chairman and Managing Partner - Stein Roe & Farnham, Chicago, IL - April 8, 1925 – December 24, 2012



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To contact us, please e-mail us at BuildingNewTowns@Gmail.com.

To register for one of our upcoming workshops, please sign up for our meetup site at www.meetup.com/healing4newtown.